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A most social day

November 2, 2010

Last Saturday I met with two friends, Dee and Peter to go for a paddle at Watson’s Bay to try out my new kayak: a Valley Aquanaut RM. I’d chosen it because I wanted a boat that I can use for instruction and be able to play in and around rocks and rebound.  Its hull is such that you can turn it on a dime (which you do lots when instructing on water) and it is easy to demonstrate the effect of various strokes. And being rotomoulded I don’t have to wince when I scrape over a bunch of rocks.

By the time we met at Watson’s bay a bunch of friends had already shown up with their own plans for paddling on the day. We pushed off and played a bit in the rebound outside of South Head. On the way back we ran into Mike, Jacqui and Claus and decided to join them to go over to North Head. There Mike continued on to Little Manly and the rest of us decided to turn back  and go to the old Quarantine Station which has great views and good coffee. On the way I managed to squeeze in a few gauntlets around the rocks which sent the adrenaline up.

When paddling back Mike rejoined us and with him came Matt who had just caught a taylor on his handline – updating his dinner menu.  Back to Watson’s Bay for an hour of playing around, rolling, trying out kayaks. Afterwards a picnic with seafood and coffee from Doyle’s.

All in all a most social day.


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  1. Andrew Wood permalink

    There are sharks in the harbour. Be careful when you deliberately role

    • Hi Andrew. In reality there are sharks everywhere – they are a fact of life just like cars on the road.

  2. Karin Ovari permalink

    Stephan, I am thinking it is time to come back to kayaking – maybe I could join you one day and get a refresher as well. See you soon Karin (back in Aus Dec 7th)

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