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Ignite Australia 2011

October 6, 2011

I’m currently at the Iqnite conference in Darling Harbour. It has evolved from the software quality conferences in the past and is hosted by KJ Ross.
I was listening to the keynote by google and speakers from Atlassian and EBay in the morning and then to speakers from the financial services industry and some of the well established outsourcing agencies, I was struck how there are two radically different worlds out there. Without wanting to resort to the A word it is obvious that there are radically new approaches evolving.
New world: talking about open source, recognizing test automating is software development, giving people the space to innovate.
Old world: test management maturity metrics, process definitions, ROI, commercial tools over open source.

Open source is a frequent topic at this conference. The spectrum of what is available is very large and the quality is ported to be very good. This is interesting as it starts to put pressure on commercial tool vendors whose ability to charge large licence fees for their tools is increasingly being questioned.

Open source is highlighting a paradigm shift that is happening. The traditional test tool industry has been characterizing their tool users as non developers whereas the open source industry clearly sees test automators as developers. Given that test automation has for so long been a non starter, I see this change as a potential tipping point that will result in test automation becoming a main stream practice in SW development.

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