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A useful little app

June 8, 2012

I work quite a lot with tools and regard them as essential to my work. However tools are two-edged swords: while extremely useful when used appropriately, they tend to be complex and require careful training of your team members.
Especially wHen you have business users involved in user acceptance testing you need to be careful on how to introduce them to tool such as test management ones, that tend to be complex. So it was a very refreshing change to encounter this little chrome app called testpad.

Testpad is a minimalist application, that does allow creating very simple test scenarios and track execution against it (I guess the similarity to the name Notepad is intentional).
The user interface is simple but still slick, there are a few keyboard shortcuts which, once memorized, make work easy. It supports mobile devices so someone can use their android or iPad to record test outcomes. Collaboration is quite simple where you email someone the URL of the test script.
I have always appreciated well crafted small tools, ever since I ran into this concept in the early Unix ages so popularized by Kernighan They tend not to force you overly into specific approach to your tasks and you tend to have better interoperability between tools. The downside is that you will have to do some tool crafting of your own to make it all work, but the overall benefit makes it worth it.

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