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Testlink Adapter v 1.3

June 27, 2012

A few years ago, when I had a bit of spare time I was evaluating test management applications as part of developing a testing course. I came upon Testlink ( which is an OpenSource tool test management. I chose to incorporate this into my course and investigated it further. As I continue to do small software development for a number of personal projects I integrated it to my development cycle. I tend to use a test driven development approach with Mbunit (and now Gallio) as my testing framework. So on finding that Testlink offered an XML RPC based API, I developed an adapter between Gallio and Testlink, so that I can run my test harness and import the results into Testlink automatically. I open sourced this work and added an Nunit adapter as well. That was in 2009 and while I continued using it at home, I kind of neglected the open source site over the years.
A few months ago I received an email from a gentleman in India who wanted to use the adapter but couldn’t make it work with the new version of Testlink. So he asked me if I could update the adapter. As I had been content with the older version of Testlink I hadn’t bothered upgrading from V 1.8 to V1.9 which turned out to be quite a change functionally as well as in its API.
Well after a few weeks of work I am happy to have a new version that incorporates almost all of the new API. It has been hard work. A lot of which went into growing the regression test library into more than 90 testcases. In case you ask: yes the regression test library is fully automated and yes it makes use of the framework and the Gallio adapter to report its results into Testlink.
I can’t say enough how much this approach validates itself. With major changes to implement I have been able to find defects that I doubt I would have found with manual testing.
If you are interested to give it a try go over to

P.S. about a year ago I adopted python as my main development & scripting language, so maybe I will do something comparable for python. However python is easier to integrate with Testlink, so there may be not as much of a need.

One Comment
  1. Roshan Gurung. permalink

    I use your testlink adapter to update nunit results in testlink. Your adapter got me switch to testlink.

    I am excited about new version, haven’t tried new testlink and your new adapter.

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